Why Do Some Writers Standout, Others Do Not?

Writers Write: Samuel Beckett

When it comes right down to it, like it does for all the arts, the difference is largely in whether the writer writes, through thick and thin, through tough times and prospering.

This is true of any artist working any art form. Whether they succeed or not, whether they stand out or not in history, is due largely to how much they believe in what they are doing and how much they do it.

Sounds rhetorical, doesn’t it. But consider Picasso, and Mozart, artists of two entirely different realms. Their success did not come from an institution. Like Samuel Beckett, their place in history came from doing what was inside them. They worked at it through all circumstances.

You can call them anal, or you can call them devoted, focused or even just “fortunate”. You can lay down a list of justifications as to why they made it and you (whomever) have not…but the questions remains: are you doing it?

Are you writing? Are you painting? Are you drawing? Are you practicing? Are you sculpting? Are you performing? Are you dancing?

What’s in you? Are you doing it?

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