Why Accept Bitcoin?

Though not a coin, Bitcoin has gained universal acceptance in the world of commerce. Photo by Dwayne Parsons

Though not a coin, Bitcoin has gained universal acceptance in the world of commerce. Photo by Dwayne Parsons

There’s Good Reason for Bitcoin’s World Wide Acceptance

As a merchant of public relations services, Sandpoint Public Relations LLC, recently decided to accept Bitcoin as a tender. Why did we do this, and why is it now feasible as more and more companies do the same?
Bitcoin_acceptance Bitcoin still gets a bad rap from powers, like China, that evidently feel threatened by their inability to regulate this leader of virtual currencies. However, other regimes, like the United States have found majority acceptance feasible. We even have a Congressman, Jared Polis, now legally accepting Bitcoin for campaign donations, and there are others climbing on board.

The list of powerful and influential US and European merchants opening their virtual doors to Bitcoin are daily news items. We’ve been watching, writing about and analyzing the possibility of Bitcoin as an exchange for services for some months now. Our decision to create a virtual wallet (not unlike having a PayPal account, but cheaper) seemed timely.

To state it clearly, SandpointPR.com is NOT recommending nor advising any other merchant service to do the same. What they do is their choice, not our advice. We’re not in that business. I’m just announcing that SandpointPR.com and its parent LLC are now accepting Bitcoin for services rendered, same as cash, same as checks, same as PayPal and the same as credit cards…all of which we accept, like most merchants.

I’ll be writing soon about how easy it is. For now, just know that we do and that it’s not difficult nor dangerous. It’s not a gamble. If you have questions, email them to SandpointPR affiliate Alan Golub, who signed us up. Golub, a Bitcoin advocate, represents BitPay, itself a leading conversion service based in America.

Bitcoins, considered a commodity in the U.S., can be held onto (like gold, for instance) or it can easily be converted through many conversion services like BitPay and I’ll be writing about how that’s done. You can see the current market value and we’ll soon be carrying this information on SandpointPR.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got reasons for public relations services or you want to advertise on our website and have Bitcoins in your wallet, then you can spend them here at fair market value.