KTEC: Where Is the Kootenai Technical Education Campus?

KTEC: Where Is the Kootenai Technical Education Campus?


Essentially an alternative highschool, the Kootenai Technical Education Campus offers one and two year courses that earn college credits for highschool-age and older students, creating a ready workforce for area inudstry in a number of important categories.

KTEC: An Industrial Training Center HighSchool

A joint venture between Coeur d’Alene School District #271, Lakeland School District #272, Post Falls School District #273 and Kootenai County Patrons & Businessmen, this state of the art technical training high school is located in the middle of the Rathdrum Praire on Lancaster Road.

Okay, Where’s KTEC Located?

Not shown on this Bing Map, KTEC is just two years old; but if you drive east off Highway 41 on W. Lancaster Road, you won’t miss it. KTEC’s state of the art building, a cooperative effort, sits prominently on your right, less than a mile from the highway that connects Rathdrum to Post Falls.

Kootenai Technical Education Campus

6838 W Lancaster Road
Rathdrum, ID 83858

Tim Fortune, Director
Jody Kienke, Office Manager