What To Do When Your Camera is Stolen

It happened once before, in 1988, a year after I married Claudia. I had a great Nikon with a portrait lens on it that I left momentarily unguarded and when I ran back to get it, it was gone. This happened again just last Monday. Only this time it was my Pentax, the camera I’ve used for most of the photos on this site. I walked in to use a restroom at Cocollala Lake, Westmond. When I came back, it was gone from my car.

iPhone 6 technology surpasses my old studio camera by a long shot.

iPhone 6 technology surpasses my old studio camera by a long shot.

When Your Camera is Stolen: Go for the Phone

What else can you do? Sure, I could call it in. Sure I could be upset and let it ruin my week. It was an $800 used camera when I bought it. It was the only real camera I had. I could have been really upset; could have visited every pawn shop from here to Toledo, Ohio and then some. Could have run an ad. Could have gone on TV, maybe CNN. But no. It was gone. Someone saw some value in it.

It was one of those rare times when I didn’t lock my car. How could this happen?

But it did.

I pondered many things to do; started looking at newer models, budgeting in my mind. Then my phone rang, my old S4 iPhone. I answered it without much enthusiasm and then when I pressed the button to disengage, a thought sprang into my mind.

Time to Upgrade

Weighing the differences in cost, I reasoned, “Well, maybe that’s the route to take,” I thought. “I’ve got to have a way to take photos (and videos) and record!” My reasoning was sound. The thief took my new Samsung Pocket Recorder too, which I had stored in the camera bag, lifted from my car in a blind moment.

I went to BestBuy in Coeur d’Alene, talked to my young friend Clint Golub. Yup. That was what I was going to do. It was only 4 days wait to the newly arrived phones and there were two black-bodied iPhones unspoken for, coming in.

I made the appointment for Friday mid-day. The phones came in. Clint waited on me. I walked out with a new technology in my hands.

Far More than a Phone

Yeah, I don’t have a portrait lens currently; not now with this new iPhone 6. But I have the ability to take panoramas and the technology far surpasses my aging, albeit heavy studio camera. The evidence is in the pictures, the first I took.

Pleased? I’m ecstatic! I’d like to thank the man (I think I saw who it was too; just didn’t know at the time) who took it.

Some Things Happen for a Reason

Yes, I could have been emotionally devastated. I can’t say that I had enough banked money to buy a new Pentax, not even through Cosco. But under the Verizon phone contract, I could afford the upgrade.

It’ll certainly change the composition and exposures of my site photography, for awhile. I will in fact buy another SLR with a good portrait lens, a wide angle and zoom capacity when the time comes. But for now. I’ll content myself with learning every aspect of this fine technology.

Suffice to say, my old, aging Pentax could not record these differences in light density. Neither could it act as a video, or accomplish true panoramic photos, nor could it record voice over, and take slow-motion video. Nor could it take square photos by choice as if I had a Hasselblad, the kind that went to the moon.