Fastest Sports Car Yet: Hennessey Venom GT

I commute approximately 45 miles nearly every day from my quiet place on Pend Oreille River to the Coeur d’Alene’s hustle because I choose to. It’s not a crowded commute and I respect the speed limit; but I sometimes fancy what you’ll see in the video I’m embedding from YouTube. Here’s Hennessey’s Venom setting a new sports car speed record of 270 mph.

In February a year ago, 2014, Hennessey's Venom GT became the fastest 2-seat sports car yet developed.

In February a year ago, 2014, Hennessey’s Venom GT became the fastest 2-seat sports car yet developed.

Hennessey Sets the Pace

I may like fast cars, but I can’t say I would have the guts to take a 2-seater up to 270 mph no matter what track I had to drive on. I mean, that’s FAST! But as you’ll see below, the Director of Miller Motorsports Park, Brian Smith, had what it takes.

RaceLogic’s VBox measured the top speed at 270.49 mph. See for yourself. They insert the speed monitor in the video. That last couple of mph’s from 268 to 270 seem like forever, and you wonder. Then…well, you watch it.

Put yourself in the drivers seat. Don’t worry. It only takes a few seconds. Here’s Brian’s record setting run:

I like that clip from John Kennedy’s great speech about going to the moon too. It fits this video like a driver’s glove on a sharp turn at high speed. We do these and other things because they’re hard. It’s the challenge beat and win and get further that drives many of the best inventions of mankind.

Think about. We (as if you and I were included) just landed a probe on a comet!

So this kind of thing fascinates me and I hope it does you too.