Digital Storyteller: Alan J Golub

Digital Storyteller: Alan J Golub

Digital Art Emerges in the Marketplace

As technology continues to advance (has it stopped since it started?), every aspect of it has its thought leaders, innovators and pioneers leading the way in how to use these incredible tools.

Alan J. Golub of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is just such a man. As evidenced by these images, he’s turned his attention to perfect digital art on his Android. I’ve seen him sitting for hours at a time, working methodically in total focus on projects like this image of Ventura, California restaurant chefs, Miguel, Rutino and Israel, the wizards of Brophy Brothers ClamBar & Restaurant.

Why not practice an art form by saying “thanks” for a great meal well served.

“Thank you” from a smart phone is an art form emerging from tech thought leader, Alan J. Golub who is leading the way. This poster-size sample comes to us, courtesy of Alan J. Golub