Child Prodigy of Piano

In 2012, many thought this child prodigy was a fake, that he couldn’t possibly play this well at the age of 4. Now that he’s 6, however, and has soloed in a number of places including The Ellen Show, he’s proven NOT to be fake. Chung Chung, and I hope I have that spelled correctly will dazzle the masters of piano.

6 year-old child prodigy playing absolutely beyond perfection.

6 year-old child prodigy playing absolutely beyond perfection.

Flight of the Bumble Bee

Listen to both songs on this The Ellen Show YouTube video. The Flight of the Bumble Bee is beyond perfection.

For me, it’s hard to imagine the hand-mind coordination that produces such significant talent at such a young age. As an adult improv pianist, I’ve always thought my hands were too small to be really great. But Chung Chung, at 6, shows me otherwise.

It’s nothing to do with hand size.

Why some children are prodigies

According to Daily Galaxy, Newton’s Children (a term, like Wunderkind, tagged to children of exceptional talent at an early age), suggests there’s more than one way to be a genius.

A column in TIME Healthland suggests it may have to do with the young person’s working memory.

Whatever the cause, it remains a dazzling mystery for mankind as to why some have unusual talent or gifts of the mind at incredibly young ages.