Breaking Down the Barriers of Humanity

John Vanier’s life has set a pace for understanding our moral involvement with one another, that we are not everything in and of ourselves, but something unique and special in each and every case, and further that there is a purpose for the strong to lift up the weak.

Who’s to say, as John Vanier has shown, that the weak are not stronger than the strong? The illusion of greatness, of personal strength of character is humbled by the weak when we allow ourselves to look, listen to and feel the special qualities and values of those who for reasons of fate, catastrophe or circumstance are (apparently) weaker than we ourselves.

In the end, when we’ve lived our lives and gone on, were we really as strong as those who have persevered through the cloud of an unfortunate life?

What do the lessons of fifty years at L’Arche have to offer? Everything.