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Author Sees Lack of Respect Epidemic as Leading Cause of Relationship Problems – Offers Tips and New Definition of Respect

Roanoke, Virginia (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

The lack of respect shown in society today is at epidemic levels. Every day we see disrespect on the road driving in to work, at the workplace and at home. School discipline is softened. Multitudes feel entitled to do whatever they want regardless of the impact on others. The toll of such behavior impacts every relationship both at work and at home. The standard definition of respect is lacking and ignored. A new simpler definition of respect is required.

Lack of respect is everywhere:

Educators in schools softened discipline for students cursing at teachers and just give a reprimand.
A man smokes in his car and throws the cigarette butt out the car window.
Vandals spray paint art in a parking garage wall.
Families visiting a national park leave soda cups on the ground at a turnout.
A husband goes to a friends house when there is a sick child and the wife is already exhausted.
A wife talks badly about her husband and while the children are in the room.
A child calls his mother rude names.
A child refuses to follow instructions from her father.

The problem with such behavior is that in a decade from now, if society doesnt change how we deal with respect, the behaviors above will be accepted and the norm. It is literally a breakdown in the fabric of society. Relationships between husband and wife will suffer, as will parent and children and manager and staff.

Mark Jala author of the upcoming book titled Cook, Talk, Love How to Nourish Family Relationships during Meal Time suggests several steps to remedy the situation. The first thing we have to do is to make everyone aware of a simpler definition of respect. We need to simply drive home the word HONOR. When we show honor to someone, we are showing them respect. Imagine if more people thought about showing honor to their neighbor, friend, wife, husband, child, or stranger, says Mr. Jala.

Mr. Jala recently wrote an extensive article about a new definition of respect and the impact of that definition on his blog.

Further, Mr. Jala offers 3 tips to build family relationships at home using honor:

1) Parents need to enforce discipline with their children. With each transgression parents need to discuss how the behavior showed dishonor and disrespect.

2) Parents need to lead by example. Review the list above and refrain from such behaviors.

3) Talk about honoring others at the dinner table. Family meals are the best place to have peaceful discussions. Reflect on recent books read or movies watched and reflect on how a character showed respect or disrespect. Encourage discussions at the table about the day and in particular about what was seen or heard in terms of displaying honor.

Just like the nation became aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated by constant reinforcement of the message, we too can raise awareness of the epidemic called disrespect. We all need to be more consciously aware about respect and raise the topic when we see dishonor, says Mr. Jala. The lack of respect is hurting families across the country. It is causing people to lose jobs. We are seeing a new generation of children feeling entitled to act out any behavior. While we have a long way to go, every challenge has a starting point. That time is now.

Mark Jala writes for the Cook, Talk, Love blog. A free relationship building video series is available on the website. Mr. Jala can also be found on his Facebook page. Mr. Jala is available for interviews and speaking events.