A Reason to Reflect

This photograph is inverted. It’s a reflection of the real world above it. I turned it around or upside down because it represents a thought I’d like to discuss. What do you do when things in your world are upside down? What do you do when things don’t change, go wrong, persist in a negative way? Here’s what I do.

When your world is upside down, do you quit? Do you keep going? What do you do? Commentary and photo by Dwayne Parsons

When your world is upside down, do you quit? Do you keep going? What do you do? Commentary and photo by Dwayne Parsons

Reflect on This

So there are two afflictions that inhibit me greatly in the course I’ve set out on.

Last week my camera was stolen, lifted from my car. I used it every day, took hundreds of property photos with it and loved it. Well, shoot. What do you do with that? I can’t say that I could just run out and buy another one. No that was not possible. I took a couple of days to ponder my actions, what happened and what I would do.

My solution was to upgrade to an iPhone 6. Okay, that worked. I could take great pictures with that and it would certainly do until I could afford another quality digital camera. It’s the lenses that are different, you know. To compete with cell phone technology, you can count on the fact that all camera manufacturers are installing these fantastic pictorial technologies in their cameras as well.

The lens makes the difference

I’m not talking about the quality of the pixel, the size of the picture. My new iPhone has better resolution than my stolen Pentax had; it was outdated by technology. I’m talking about the composition within the frame. My iPhone does great. All of the new cell phones do a fantastic job with handling light. But the lenses are made for the average shooter, not for the contemplating, thought provoking shooter who wants to frame his photos for portrait or micro or story-telling.

With experience and forethought, you can get by. I can do my job regarding property showings and storytelling (to a degree) with my iPhone. But I can’t do what I could do with the lenses that exist to explode photos into pure professional content.

So what do I do?

I let the time of testing churn in my breast and forge the new camera into my being so that when it comes, I will use it with savory and accuracy. Does that make sense?

The other affliction

This one is less desirable to write about. I’m giving it to you not to gain pity, but in the hope that my solution to it, my way of meeting the crisis of it, can help some reader handle their own similar situation.

I’m a Realtor with C21 Beutler & Associates in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I work primarily throughout the 3 northern counties.

A short time ago, walking a property for photographs, I did something to my left foot. I limped back to the car thinking I had sprained it. Then as time went on and it didn’t heal like a normal ankle sprain, I thought it must be gout. I called friends who suffered from that and was pretty convinced that gout was my new condition. I didn’t go to a doctor though, thinking I could handle it with home remedies.

The ongoing pain inspired another story posted earlier in the week. I had to search myself for things that might not be true. That’s always hard. Were these subtle tendencies inflicting an outward physical consequence to my foot? Only I could know.

But as I enter my fourth week, and seeing that the pain had not migrated or changed much, that I’ve had days of lesser and days of greater pain, I’m pretty convinced that I’ve got a split fracture on the outside of my foot. Whatever happened was severe enough to ache like a bad tooth, only it’s on the other end of my body.

It affects my walking!

Even dull pain consumes energy

The constant pain, some days minor, some days greater, consumes me nonetheless. It drains me and pulls professional focus away from my brain. It’s been very hard to work like you’d expect a normal Realtor to work. I’m sure some folks wonder about my seemingly shallow performance these last two weeks or so.

I could sit around and cry or whine about it. I could bemoan and complain about it. But you know what? That doesn’t diminish it, however. I’d prefer to give thanks for the pain, something I learned earlier in life, because it certainly does draw me closer to God. It’s hard to do that though because this pain weakens me. It drains the creative energy right out of me and lessens my daily performance considerably. I tend to want to complain.

So what do you do with that?

What would you do? I’m ready for the doctor. I’m ready for a boot that locks my foot in place. Believe me I’m ready. My stubborn will is giving up. Okay, I’m weak. I’m certainly weakened.

I’ve also prayed about it in the quiet times of my day and night. I’ve sought God for both His Will and my understanding in this predicament. Why is this happening? Am I on some errant course or incorrect path? Am I doing something wrong? Am I lying to people about something? Have I tricked myself? The answers are quiet and known only to me. No one else can hear what passes through my mind and heart. I just know that until I started praying about it, I did not have peace. Now, at least, I have some sense of that. I know I’m in God’s caring hand. If this is a trial, God will help me persevere. I’ll have peace about it and then I’ll know the reason for this occurrence.

Right now, I don’t believe I’m on an ill fated path. I believe I’m being tested. And I don’t mind telling you, my dear beloved readers, about it. I don’t mind that at all because I truly believe that God is real. To me, God is absolutely there. He is my reprieve and my strength. He is the peace that intercedes over the pain. He is the One who keeps the dark thoughts at bay and sustains my will to persevere. He halts the complainer, quiets the whiner, encourages the tired old man who limps through the day.

Trials are in our lives for a reason. If your world is upside down, reflect on that. Pray about your situation and ask another believer to pray for you, too. Someone who will understand without judging you. Trials are here to test and strengthen our faith and steel up our resolve to keep our course straight and serve with love, honesty and integrity while we’re here.

So welcome the trial as best you can. Pray for understanding, ask for peace.

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