A New Logo for Bitcoin Acceptance

Alan Golub's new symbol for Bitcoin acceptance.  Photo is courtesy, Alan Golub.

Alan Golub’s new symbol for Bitcoin acceptance. Photo is courtesy, Alan Golub.

Horses Cross Borders

That fact that horses know no boundaries accept by the laws of man, has inspired innovative Bitcoin enthusiast, Alan Golub to create this symbol using tools from common source to symbolize company acceptance of Bitcoin.

“With the world embracing Bitcoin on an increasing basis,” said Golub, “we see the same patterns with this cryptocurrency as the world experienced historically with horses.”

“First of all,” he noted, “Bitcoin is commonly referred to as a disruptive technology because it has changed the way we create and interact with currency. That’s exactly what happened as trained horses came on the scene in every country: first feared, then adopted by those who saw its power and ultimately, accepted.”

Golub chose the rearing black stallion upon which to place the Bitcoin symbol because it so perfectly represented power in a fiery, dynamic world where currencies of every sort rise and fall with the governments who own them.

Bitcoin is considered a commodity in the United States; it’s not actually a coin. It is a complex computer code called a block chain that has a finite number, pre-coded. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins.

How Bitcoins are mined

They are mined by excessively powerful computers dedicated to the process of unlocking the daily stream of Bitcoins released into availability by a preset analog. Dedicated geeks all over the world have set themselves to mining Bitcoins. There are individuals in the Cd’A area who mine them and there’s a firm near Ephrata, Washington, with a bank of high-powered computers set to uncover a daily allotment of Bitcoins for its primary European investor and shareholders.

Things like this intrigue Alan Golub, whom might easily be tagged a futurist. Golub is hot into 3d Printing and 3d Printers as well. He sees Bitcoin as the next wave of currency in the world.

Golub was recently assigned by BitPay, the largest merchant service company in the Bitcoin community, to represent them to Pacific Northwest companies who might desire Bitcoin merchant services.

We’re the first of Golub’s sign-ups

SandpointPR.com, owned by Sandpoint Public Relations LLC, is the first to sign up under Golub’s guiding hand to accept Bitcoins in trade for services rendered in public relations and/or advertising on this influential site.

“Think about this,” Golub said, “the horse throughout history represented freedom, mobility and strength. By these three attributes of acceptance in every country in the world over time, horses gained universal acceptance by every culture. The same will and is happening with Bitcoin, because it has the same influential attributes.”

A notable bit of history

When the first Native Americans got horses from the Spaniards, those who acquired and learned to ride them became the dominant tribes. Look at the Mongolian Empire: the largest empire which conquered its way from its Asian source all the way to the gates of Vienna because they harnessed the horse. Consider horses in use on behalf of the Roman legions, the Greeks, and the Babylonians in early history, not to discount the Egyptians who first used them to pull war chariots.

“Imagine the fear felt by foot soldiers who first defended against charging horses. It’s the same pattern we see with Bitcoin (though far less dangerous): first fear, then adoption and then universal acceptance.” he said.

“And,” he added, “wasn’t that the same thing we saw when the Internet first came onto the world scene?”

Whether Bitcoin retains its growing position of influence as the most powerful cryptocurrency remains to be seen. But at this point, there can be no doubt, that by harnessing the power of technolog, the idea of Bitcoin is now mounted and charging across world borders of every sort.

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We conduct business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act

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