How to Remove Fat off Homemade Broth


Remove Fat from the Surface of Homemade Broth

There are two ways to do remove the cooked fat from the surface of hot broth. One is to let it cool overnight in a refrigerator or cooler. That hardens the fat into a sheet that can easily be removed, leaving the pure broth beneath.

The other method, used most frequently in commercial kitchens, is to remove the fat by skimming it into a ladle or large kitchen spoon.

Dip the edge of the ladle or spoon just beneath the surface of the hot broth so that you begin to see streams of oily liquid sliding into the lower elevation of the ladle. It looks like oil, because being liquid fat, it is. It is also lighter than the broth and therefore floats on the surface. By creating a bowl within which it can flow, you achieve a nearly complete removal of this undesirable fat from the broth or soup stock which you can then further prepare for whatever intended purpose you may have.

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