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VIDEO: Wal-Mart Banks on New Money Transfer Service

Wal-Mart is trying to shake up the money transfer industry with a new service that undercuts Western … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Ukraine diplomacy raises hope

Russia and Western Powers reach agreement on de-escalation in Ukraine but U.S. warns of new sanctions if … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Barron’s Buzz: When High P/E Stocks Are Worth It

Jack Hough previews the latest issue of Barron's magazine. … [Read More...]

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VIDEO: Anger erupts at ferry families meeting

Grief boils over into anger at a meeting between South Korean officials and relatives of some of those … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Capsize ferry captain arrested

The captain of the South Korean ferry which capsized is arrested as search continues for more than 200 … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Ferry families vent rage

Grief spills over into anger as South Korean coastguard officials meet families of those still missing … [Read More...]


VIDEO: Man Claims He Found Loch Ness Monster With… Apple Maps?

Andy Dixon showed the Daily Mail a screenshot of what he believes to be the mythical beast swimming just … [Read More...]

Businesses in the Northwest

Computer technology has advanced to the stage of empowering individuals, who understand it, with extraordinary capability to accomplish things they could otherwise not do.
Story and photo by Dwayne Parsons

What is Cryptocurrency?

This post is strictly commentary and has no advisory purpose in any way nor any gainful intention of swaying anyone toward the use of cryptocurrencies in any form. These thoughts are simply the … [Read more...]

Pierce has a full lot of new vehicles for everyone in your extended family. From Jeep Wranglers and Rubicons to Dodge Caravans and sedans. Just come and pick your color. They have more on the way.

Sandpoint: Pierce Auto Center comes to Sagle

Pierce Auto Center Opens for Business in Sagle As rugged and full of outdoor experience as North Idaho is, many of us feel the recent arrival in Sagle of this Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Ram dealership is … [Read more...]


Three Things to Understand about Bitcoin

Failure is an option The following is an excellent synopsis of the current Bitcoin market by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. It is reposted on SandpointPR under his allowance and use of Creative Commons … [Read more...]

Tom Daugherty talks 3DP to Holy Family eighth-graders who took a keen interest in his presentation to the Idaho Engineers group. Photo: Dwayne Parsons

CdA Entrepreneur Launches Solutions in 3D Printing

Solutions in 3D Printing Officially Launched Hayden, ID Feb 24. 2014. Longtime area businessman Tom Daugherty today announced the launch of Solutions in 3D Printing, Inc. Initially, the Company will … [Read more...]

Kris Jensen competes in a Biathalon Shooting Event on cross-country skis. Photo courtesy Kris Jensen.

Will Biathlon Shooting Events Come to North Idaho?

Is North Idaho ready for Biathlon Events? Story by Contributing Editor, Mark Knapp A lot of people watched the WINTER OLYMPICS and are asking questions about the Biathlon competition in Sochi. In a … [Read more...]


Priest Lake: Sundance Estate Legacy

How Priest Lake's Sundance Estate Creates a Legacy Experience How many privately held properties have you been on in your life where you can truly say you enjoyed a legacy experience? The first time … [Read more...]

A remote rural road leads to escape for some, private living for others. There are properties still available in "them there" woods. Photo by Dwayne Parsons

Are Remote Properties Still Available in Idaho?

Remote Living on Rural Properties is Still Available to Idaho Migrants By Dwayne Parsons Though I own and write content for SandpointPR, an online magazine of which I am powerfully proud, I am also a … [Read more...]

The house on a small ranch called Denim Brook.

Price Reduced: West Elmira Road, 20+ acres

Listed by Dwayne Parsons, CM Brewster & Company, Sandpoint West Elmira Road: Several Reasons to Buy This West Elmira property on the backside of Elmira off the southwest corner of MacArthur … [Read more...]

The Coeur d'Alene Resort on Coeur d'Alene Lake is the postcard of a new set of industries looking into locating in North Idaho.

Coeur dAlene: Place for Hi-Tech and Aerospace

A Place for Hi-Tech: The Greater Coeur d'Alene Area The Greater Coeur d'Alene Area, namely the Rathdrum Prairie, is drawing interest worldwide as a newly discovered place to establish hi-tech and … [Read more...]

You'll likely find this popular Bayview Coffee House open anytime of day, seven days a week, year-round.  We call that 24/7/365. Photo by Dwayne Parsons

Pend Oreille Lake: Where is Ralphs Coffee House?

Ralph's Coffee House in Bayview is Open Every Day 16716 Almas Ct Bayview, ID 83803 (208) 683-2218 Free Wifi! And it's fast. Open 7 Days a Week, Year-Round Sunday-Tuesday 8:00 AM to 4:00 … [Read more...]

Guns on Campus: Legislation proposed for Enhanced-Carry Gun Permits on Idaho College Campuses

Disclaimer: The following is provided by guest columnist, Mark Knapp, of Federal Way, Washington. Knapp is a firearms lawyer who believes strongly in our Constitutional right to bear arms. He is … [Read more...]

K-Tech alternative high-school on the Rathdrum Prairie is a showcase of cleanliness and order.

KTEC: Exemplifies Cleanliness to Future Workforce

KTEC Charter School: Producing Idaho's Workforce Mark Gardner, KTEC's marvelous Custodial Maintenance Manager, exemplifies cleanliness in his devotion to keeping the alternative high school in a state … [Read more...]

Idaho: Attracting Gun and Knife Manufacturers

Disclaimer: The following is provided by guest columnist, Mark Knapp, of Federal Way, Washington. Knapp is a firearms lawyer who believes strongly in our Constitutional right to bear arms. He is … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is the Kaniksu Land Trust?

Where is the Kaniksu Land Trust Located in Sandpoint? It's in the last office space near the bike trail on Michigan Street Westmond Office Park (see map) View Larger Map  |  Get … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is Grizzly Glass Located?

Where is Grizzly Glass Located in Sandpoint? Grizzly Glass Grizzly Glass is located in the same building as Northwest Autobody Storage (see map): on S. Olive Street near Highway 2 … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is First Lutheran Church Located?

First Lutheran Church of Sandpoint First Lutheran Church 526 S. Olive Street Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-263-2048 View Larger Map  |  Get Directions  |  View Bird's Eye … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is the First Baptist Church Located?

Where is the First Baptist Church of Sandpoint Located? First Baptist Church of Sandpoint 1230 Michigan Street on Division Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-263-3625 View Larger Map  |  Get … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is Heather’s House Located?

Where is Heather's House in Sandpoint Heather's House is part of the Community Cancer Services operation. Community Cancer Services Heather's House 1215 Michigan Street Sandpoint, ID … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is All About Weddings Located?

All About Weddings All About Weddings 1201 Michigan Street Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-263-9748 View Larger Map  |  Get Directions  |  View Bird's Eye … [Read more...]


Sandpoint: Where is the Christian Center Church?

The Sandpoint Christian Center The Sandpoint Christian Center is located on N. Boyer Avenue near the airport. Sandpoint Christian Center 2225 N. Boyer Ave Sandpoint, ID 83864 208-263-8578 View … [Read more...]