VIDEO: School assembly amazed by teacher's trick shot!

TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones shows us the science teacher from Illinois who pulls off an amazing trick shot for her school, shooting from half-court, backwards and under her legs!

VIDEO: Hubble Space Telescope marks 25-year milestone

It was a quarter of a century ago that NASA launched the Hubble telescope aboard the space shuttle Discovery, reports NBC’s Harry Smith.

VIDEO: Teens spending heavily for perfect prom night

A recent Visa survey shows teens spend an average of $900 dollars on prom night. For TODAY, NBC’s Hallie Jackson shows the lavish lengths teens go through to have a perfect night.

VIDEO: Kanye West's Support of Bruce Jenner

During an interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner came out as a member of the transgender community. As Jenner recounted, the reality star was surprised that Kanye West turned Kim Kardashian around on the issue.

VIDEO: Will Bruce Jenner Get Sexual Reassignment Surgery?

During Bruce Jenner’s groundbreaking interview with Diane Sawyer, details emerged about Jenner’s gender transition and the medical procedures that are involved. Jenner explained, “There’s no Rush for that,” adding, “At this point, as far as the term SRS Sexual reassignment…

VIDEO: All's fair

John Authers looks forward to a packed week of many essential data.

VIDEO: Bruce Jenner: I'm Not Gay

With the news that Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman, Diane Sawyer pressed the former Olympian on the subject of sexual orientation and asked if the news meant that Jenner is gay. As the conversation continued, Sawyer searched for the…

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